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Some helpful web resources I have used to assist my learning.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

A secure cloud storage platform that can be used for web hosting. I am using AWS to host this website.

Atom Text Editor

A handy, open source text editor for developing software. Atom comes with the ability to customise your experience with lots of plugins available.

CakePHP Login and Registration

This YouTube video helped me to get started when using the CakePHP framework for my third year group project.

CakePHP Quickstart Guide

I used this page to help me with the installation and running of CakePHP.


This site is extremely useful and helpful for learning programming at all levels.

Eclipse IDE

A useful IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which I used for coding in Java and Python in university.


A great tool for version control, backup and more in software development.

Git Bash

My choice of command line application to accompany GitHub.

IntelliJ IDEA

Another useful IDE for developing software in Java. This one is developed by JetBrains who have also developed a number of different IDEs.

JSON Schema Validator

If you are writing a JSON Schema, this is a great way to check that your data complies with it.

PDDL Editor

A web application designed for writing and running PDDL scripts.


A very handy SSH tool with a command line interface.


This application is useful for writing and testing regular expressions.

Sublime Text

Another useful and open source text editor for programming.


Thunkable is an online application that allows you to design, implement and test iOS and Android apps on your phone. It is friendly for beginners due to the fact it uses block programming and drag and drop features for the user interface design.


If you're working in a team, Trello is a fantastic online resource for sharing documents and discussions with everyone involved. It is great for collaboration and can be used in different ways depending on the project you are working on.


This website is extremely helpful and shows a great number of different software algorithms and data structures in a visual way, as well as providing the pseudocode for them.

Visual Studio

Microsoft's IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that can be used to write programs in a variety of languages such as C# C++ and Visual Basic.

Visual Studio Code

A more lightweight alternative to Visual Studio. Visual Studio Code is a text-editor that is great for web development.

World TSP

A collection of 25 datasets ranging in size. Each dataset lists the latitude and longitude of cities or locations in a particular country. I used the Ireland and Luxemburg datasets for my Biologically Inspired Computation coursework assignment which involved building an Evolutionary Algorithm (EA) to solve the Travelling Salesperson Problem (TSP).


This is a fantastic tutorial website full of information on a number of different programming areas and more. I have used w3Schools mostly to learn about web development in HTML, CSS and PHP.


A tool which can be used to run a localhost server on your machine. It has both a command line interface and a graphical user interface.

x2Go Client

An open source remote desktop application for access to Linux systems. Can be downloaded for use on Windows, Linux or OS X.